Customize Your Racket

"My racquets play differently from one to the other!"


Our service:

  • weight modification
  • balance modification
  • racquet lengthening

"I want my grips personally modified or specially customized!"


We provide:

  • custom foam pallets
  • pallet/grip choices amongst from different brands, sizes and dimensions to address your requirements

"I need to be assured I will receive fast and dependable service!"

Our service:

  • local pick-up and delivery service
  • worldwide service
  • 24h turn around service


Racquet Stringing | 20 EUR


"The string is the work-horse of the racquet!"
Our stringers are ATP, WTP and ITF seasoned tournament stringing professionals.  We use the most up-to-date electronic stringing machines and offer a huge selection of strings to meet your needs and preferences. You can have your frames strung conventionally or with hybrid stringing to suit your performance requirements. Our experienced stringers are ready to help you improve your game!


Racquet Tuning | 35 EUR


Although your racquets may look the same, the weight, balance and swingweight for each frame may vary since the permissible fabrication tolerences varies from frame to frame and brand to brand. As a result, the playability of one racquet to another may vary and affect your game. We can prefessionally correct that issue and guarantee that all of your racquets will be exactly the same by:                                

  • adjusting the overall weight of the racquet to match                    
  • adjusting/shifting the balance point
  • modifying the swing weight (longitudinal, transverse or vertical axis)

Racquet Painting | 110 EUR


  • "Paint Job Black"
  • send us your racquet and we paint them individuelly for you

Grip Foaming | 65 EUR


"Only those with the right grip can control the outcome"
Let us help you with your individualized gripping needs. Don`t leave anything to chance! We offer:                                            

  • individual grip adjustment for every type of player after careful evaluation
  • special custom designed grips (unique grip geometry, hard or softer foam to to address personal prefernces)


Grip Extension | 85 EUR


Let us help you with your individualized gripping needs. Don`t leave anything to chance! We offer:  

  • handle extension/racquet-lengthening

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